Monday, December 19, 2011

And I can't sleep again, tonight.

I’ve got a man’s pride, and you’ve got a woman’s intuition. How can we go on if you keep hurting me, and I keep disputing you?
Funny how you’re losing me, when you only want to keep me closer.

I find myself in a situation I don’t like. I’m out of strength. Your selfishness tires me. You make everything a dead end. You twist and turn my words so you can find the easy way out. Funny how you hear, but don’t listen. Why can’t you feel my voice echoing inside your lungs, your head, your every nerve?  I scream and whisper, I write notes and statuses; you never notice.  Communication is not a one way street.
                 I state my complaints, you build walls. All of a sudden you toughen up.  It’s scary; I can’t recognize you tonight.
                I’m nauseous. My system somehow wants to get rid of all this overwhelming disappointment. Funny how we keep failing all the time, when we are trying so hard to do the opposite.

Funny; how none of this is really funny.

And I can’t call you again. I can’t text you again. I can only hope that tomorrow you won’t be the man you are today.

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