Thursday, December 15, 2011


   Oh Christmas is coming; everything is so jolly and cheery. The spirit of Christmas is bringing out the good in us. Blah, blah. NO! Just no. 
   First of all the center of Athens couldn’t be any poorer as far as decoration is concerned. There’s a crisis going on, people, we need lights and ornaments!

   Today was a crappy day. The bus was late in the morning, and I was late for my courses. The bus was late in the evening; I was late for my yoga lesson. I also took the wrong train, and ended up in a station I hate. And just when I found the way to get to the other platform to take the right train, I missed it. If I had been 5 seconds quicker, I wouldn’t have missed it. But hey, that’s life.

   And I’m broke. No money at all. And I’m sleepless. I’m tired. I’m whiny.
But still I’m looking forward to Christmas. I need holidays. NEED!

   I also need one tiny thing to go wrong. One tiny little thing, so I can burst, and destroy everything with my rage. It’s going to be massive, I mean it. I’ve been trying to keep everything balanced for so long.

P.S: And this is a bad post. A bad, bad post. I don't usually write like this. I'm better. I swear!

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