Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Madwoman with a box.

   First of all I have to accept the fact that my blog will never cooperate. It will never look exactly the way I want it to. Nothing ever does. Story of my life. Although I admit I'm kind of a control freak and a perfectionist, so there might be a tiny possibility that I will never be completely satisfied with anything.
   Soooo... I have been on blogger for a year. I was planning on making it a blog for movie reviews, but then I got bored. Then I forgot about the account here in general. 
   You see, I was never really interested in writing, and that's why I never used this site (don't ask why I made the account a year ago. I don't know. I really don't. The "sign up" button does strange things to me. I'm literally all over the Internet. It's like an addiction). 
   But then I started writing for another blog. And I've gathered enough documents to make a blog of my own. So lucky you! I'm here to stay! Probably...

As for the title... Doctor who jokes. Because I love it so. 
Just kidding.(No it's not funny, I know. Please don't hate me, I just get pretty awkward when I start something new). Someone just sent me a link to this episode, while I was writing this, and it had the world mad in it, so.... yeah the explanation sounded better in my head.


  1. you are truly a mystery train.
    mystery trains are lucky, they don t need to stay on track.
    they don t need to follow rules, maybe the basic gravity rules but that s about it.
    the world can become their dance floor.
    all they need to do is be brave enough to sway to the rhythm playing inside their head.
    I wish I knew what to wish for you and your blog endeavor.
    instead I will make a wish for me (being egotistical, self-centered and all that) so here it goes.
    I wish you will stay and enlighten us with fragments of entropy.

    your number 2 admirer

  2. The background,an old respectful psychiatrist's practice office...Madness relief at a bargain!Love this madness,stuff made of flesh and blood anyway...