Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New York I love you, and other clichés

       As I was floating high up in the sky (in a plane of course); nothing happened, I was just trying to make this interesting, so you'll start reading it! Mwua- ha- ha. You still there? I love you! No I don't.
       So I'm on vacation. The best thing about it is that I haven't thought of you for a single moment. Except for now....
But the second best thing is, that I'm surprised. I mean, how could I not think about you? And now that I'm thinking about you, it doesn't make me sad, or angry, or even confused.
       It's funny. Two months ago, I couldn't eat due to extreme excitement, and today I'm here looking out of my window thinking how small this was. How in 2 years, it would be so tiny. It's a pity it ended in the worst possible way though.. well ok, not the worst, somebody could have died, but you get what I mean.
       So now I'm here, watching crappy films, ready to vomit from all the hand holding, and hugging, and all these family stuff, but relaxed nontheless. Yes! That's right. Relaxed. That's rare. I have a normal heartbeat, I sleep well, and I have no worries through the day. It's like my life is on pause.
Everything is fine.

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