Thursday, January 12, 2012

Which is colder, winter or ice cream?

       There are days when you want the world to pause. But there are other days when you don't care. You just want to disappear for a while, and the world to go on, until you feel ready to come back again. And you want no-one to notice you're missing. 
      And there are those other days, when everything is so simple. There are these moments of clarity when you can see it all. 
It's like a perfect pattern, laid out in front of you. Suddenly everything makes sense. It's like an epiphany. 
And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it's all gone.
      When nothing goes right, go left they say. Well, you can't go left if you have to go right. 
      Bailing out is not an option. But then again staying shouldn't be one either. There needs to be a place for people like me. Think-aholics anonymous. It's not the truth I can't stand. It's the lies they dressed it up with. I'm tired of troubling my mind. I seek balance in a world that won't offer it. I stopped demanding from people when I noticed they were not capable of meeting my expectations. Why can't I stop being so strict with myself as well?
       It was one day at the dinner table when my sister wondered out loud "Which is colder, winter or ice cream?". It was a moment of epiphany. The question was totally irrelevant. It was a question I could answer, but it still wouldn't make any sense. I realised, that I wouldn't get answers until I started asking non- generic and non- irrelevant questions. It wasn't the answers I had to work on. It was the questions. 

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