Monday, February 6, 2012

You don't believe me, but you do this every time.

If New York was inside of me it would all be shattered by now. I could feel it crumbling.
The Empire State building would have turned into dust. Brooklyn bridge would be nothing but a pile of scaffoldings. Our favorite park would be covered with plaster.
You hit again, like a hurricane, but this time I wasn't prepared. 

Dozens of nights trying to convince me for all the things you denied today, within a minute.

It was warm when I met you. I was frozen.
I was looking at the sea, you were looking right into my eyes.
You saw things that night I can't deny. Somehow you knew me.
You turned my world upside down.

I tell you everything. Every single embarrasing, sick, twisted, deranged thought I have.
Never before have I loved someone so much, in such a short amount of time. 

You are the first thing I actually put effort into keeping. I raised my voice, I expressed my desire. I didn't just sit there and wait for things to happen, like I always do.

Why can't you see? You are my exception.

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