Sunday, March 18, 2012

De tal palo, tal astilla

They say I'm liquid. I'm never there, I always slip right out of your hands. But then again they say I'm very solid. You can always count on me.
They say I'm superficial. I pay attention to unimportant things. Yet they insist I can always see the good in anyone.
I'm a highly controversial and misunderstood human being.
Both for myself and for others.

I always claim that I'm not lonely. I'm alone. It's a matter of choice. Recently a girl in a movie quoted that. Which bothered me, because I wanted it to be my invention. But then again in a world that's 4,5 million years old it's rather difficult to come up with something entirely new.
But what was the point of this document? Oh yes.

One thing I can't seem to be able to learn, is forgiveness. I cannot forget therefore I cannot forgive. For me these things go together.
I'm not a very difficult person. You can do a lot of things to me, and I won't mind. I have little expectations, therefore it's very hard to dissapoint me.

But there are certain things you will do, that will simply break the deal. 

You broke the deal several times. No, no. You smashed the deal. You broke it into little tiny pieces, burnt it, and threw the ashes into the sea.
Yet I dived into the sea and found them all. I gave them new shapes and hid them into parks and chinese restaurants. But you found them again, and you blew them away. And again. And again. And then I let them go.

Because we can't live surrounded by ashes.

The thing is, you deserve a second chance, and  I need to grow up. I have talked about it with myself and he doesn't seem to mind, so therefore
I forgive you.

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  1. sometimes the acorn teaches the tree how to grow.