Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The end of the world

This city bleeds.
Came back after 30 years. I found nothing but ruins. 
They say in this life we stand alone. They're wrong. We stand together; together with all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons, and that's far worse.
Somewhere in the crowd I see you. You hold a ticket to New York and a jar of marmalade. The only smiling face in a sea misery.
In the end it's us that will run away. Not the friends, not the lovers. Just you and me. "Undefined" is the best title.

Trust can only be built. It isn't there to be won. And no matter what they say it can always be rebuilt somehow, sometime.
Me? I always want the unattainable.

Promise me eternity or burn; burn like the magnificent star you are and take me down with you.

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