Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Whining vol. 100000000000000

       The rare times I get the chance to feel something, it’s usually negative. It’s either anxiety, or anger, or confusion.
I have to write something. Something good, something deep, because I’ve neglected my blog lately and my millions of viewers are going to be disappointed (just kidding, I have none). I’ve started so many documents, I’ve lost count. None of them is good enough. This is not good enough.
       Some call it writer’s block. I call it uselessness. But maybe I’m just oppressing myself once again. Maybe I have to let myself loose. I wish there was an easy way to do that… or any way.
I should be typing right now. And I don’t mean this. I should be typing my assignments, which I should have completed by now. Or at least started…
       My mind is elsewhere. I don’t know where, and frankly I couldn’t
be less interested in finding out.
I can’t say I’m sad, I can’t say I’m too happy. But mostly I feel restless. I feel the need to do something but I have no idea what that could be.

       To cut a long story short, I don’t know anything (so you really needn't have read all this nonsense. Wow, this is the first time I use "needn't"... and it's probably wrong. Never mind, nobody cares, jeez). And this sucks (I mean this, the text). Not good enough. But then again, nothing’s really good enough for me. Who cares!

1 comment:

  1. I don t know how many viewers your blog has.
    I know I am one.
    I don t know what you look like.
    I close my eyes and try to make your words into colors to paint a picture of you. and a beautiful picture it is.
    I put some words together for you as a token of appreciation for the joy you give me.

    "You are my first thought when I awake
    am I a song on your radio
    a shadow in your dark
    a seed in your sunflower
    a word in your dictionary
    a suspect in your crime
    a castle in your sand
    a moment in your time
    a drop in your rain
    a whisper in your silence
    an element in your equation
    a car on your highway
    a fish in your pond
    a date on your calendar
    a swing in your playground
    a star in your telescope
    a butterfly in your stomach
    a letter in your mailbox
    a color on your dress
    a verse in your poem
    a knock on your door

    or could I ever be?"

    Your secret