Tuesday, July 3, 2012


       The old fish died. I know it did, although you deny it. They replaced the aquarium. They bought a better one. The rest of the fish are missing. The whole restaurant is missing. A part of me is missing too. I don’t care to find it though.
     September came, and you left. 
And then you came back again. And then you left again. And then you came back… again. No need to mention the third time that happened.
I left too. I came back again. And then left again. And then came back again. I can’t recall if there was a third time.
      I didn’t believe in fate, until I met you. I still don’t believe in fate, but I’m open to the idea. You wished that one day I’d love you without fearing you. I still love you with great fear. I don’t fear your absence. I fear the potential truth in your words. 
All I ask of you is to love me forever.

"While I was busy waging wars on myself,
you were trying to stop the fight.
You never doubted my warped opinions
on things like suicidal hate,
You made me compliment myself,
when it was way to hard to take"

Dedicated to the man with the icy sense of humor, and the politically incorrect perception of colors.

1 comment:

  1. it's that one basic human motion that brings you closer.
    as I slowly inhale the aroma of your words the long distance becomes a gentle touch.
    always come back.