Monday, October 8, 2012

Like I swallowed half my stash

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       A friend of mine calls it writer's block. Even if I did consider myself a writer, this seems to be something way bigger than writing. It's a general block.
       I feel sad. A different kind of sad. I feel detuned actually (not sure if I'm using this world correctly, I used google translate [not trustworthy I know, but I'm not a dictionary person, sorry]
{actually no, I'm not sorry} {{talking to myself agaaaaiiiiin}}).
       I want you to love me forever. That makes me demanding. I say it all the time. That makes me weird. I actually expect you to do so. That is what makes me crazy.
I don't know how to continue this text. Someone's been stealing my water lately
(also makes me sound crazy).

I promise to love you forever. Even when I hate you.
I'll just keep talking to the camera until you get back.

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