Friday, January 10, 2014


      You know when you can't express yourself and you just start typing random letters? A friend of mine always uses the a,s,d,f so it always looks like this "asdasfdsdfdfda". So I decided it to call that fasfad-ing. And that's what this text looks like to me.

                              The weirdest mood is the bittersweet one.

      When I have nothing to write about I start looking at all my drafts, desperately trying to collect something worthy. And I always wonder why, just why do I have so many word documents that are blank. Totally. Not even a word or a dot.

       I see everything in grey (that's cuz you're a bitch, ha ha, that exists somewhere and I suddenly feel less cool).
       Seriously, if I were an animal, I would be a unicorn.  I always think about these things like "I want to make the world a better place, I want to bring the best out of people bla bla bla". Problem is I started saying them out loud. Like... how do I expect not to sound like an idiot?

Now, how can I connect all these, to make this make sense. Make, make, make.

       I was sad, very sad for 17 years. And then a little less sad for the next 2 years. And that's an awfully long time to be sad. 19 years of my life. I had believed for a long time that it wasn't important. Because I was young, and my life hadn't started yet. Why do people make you believe that anyway?

And now I don't want to upload that. It's just my thoughts. It's not artistic, or dramatic, or whatever. 

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