Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cling cling clong

       I start writing. I'm really psyched. Then I read it and "poof!"... all of a sudden it's not good enough. It's pretentious, it's been said before, noone wants to hear that, I sound like I'm trying to teach something, blah blah. I want to write something coooool. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

         I could say something motivational.Like...
       "You can let the world move and you can follow, or you can move and let the world follow "

       It's not true. You can choose whether things mean something or not, but it doesn't matter. Things are not gonna be alright in the end. The end is death. And as far as I know most people are not looking forward to that. I'm all about happiness. You can think in ways that make you happy but if that leads you to have a distorted perception of reality, it's a problem. You can't be really happy unless you accept how things are. No matter how strong the fort of your own world is, it will go down. And you will be miserable.
       This is choice. Living in this house, in this city, among these people. You can pack your stuff and go live on the top of a mountain, planting your own tomatoes. But you don't want that. You want your TV and your internet and your hair products.                   

       Everything is a choice.

       People suck. And next time you say it, please include yourself. You are one of them. You may be a little better but you still suck. And the moment you understand how bad you are, you can start trying. And you can be a little more forgiving, a little more understanding, a little less delusional and a little more happy.

Let's put a picture now, because then there is a higher chance someone will bump into this.

There you have it.

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