Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have you noticed how our hands look like leaves?

Days form weeks.
Weeks form months.
I form little particles of distorted light and I try to share.
To fight the darkness. My darkness. Your darkness.
I'm listening to this song. I feel unlocked.
I close my eyes and I try to be you. Try to understand.
What is it that connects me to this world? To you? To myself.

That's the best part. When everything comes up to the surface, altogether. And you cannot think... no,no it doesn't feel like despair. 
It feels as if thoughts are escaping from you, so quickly you can't seem to catch them. And you feel like there is nothing burried in you anymore.

For a few seconds, I'm on top of my walls and I can see everything so clearly that, understanding it, seems unnatural.
That's the best part

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