Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am addicted to pain killers and lip balm

How do you call a love that is there no more?
I look at the lights of the funfair. They grow dimmer every year. 
I had a love that never bloomed, a love that I refused, a love that never was, a love that withered. 
There is this notion of "us" intertwined with my existence. 
You used to be the brightest color that dashed out of my prism.
Now I smashed that prism and kept the colors.

We are a reflection. A reflection of what we love, of who we love, of how we love.

What I need to say is I love you. I. love. you.
Was that my point? I'm not sure... 

I get so excited when I find pictures that perfectly match my texts.
Even though is small size it looks like it's dirty *sadsad face*

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