Monday, February 9, 2015


It's weird, it feels like a step backwards.
My anxiety is not very noticeable anymore, but it has become very psychosomatic... if I can call it that (I don't know, I'm greek, whatever).
I'm trying to pour my heart out, see what happens.

I always get caught up in this trivialness of life.

People say all sorts of silly things in order to feel good about themselves. And when they finally feel good, the new trend comes along, about the universe and our insignificance. 

I believe everything is insignificant so it doesn't really "hit me". People have no context. It's like a movie with bad actors and no script. It couldn't go well. It doesn't. But it doesn't matter.
We are dogs chasing our tails.

I know that everything I do will amount to nothing.

Not even my own happiness.
But I will do it anyway.
Which is controversial.

Just like everything else.

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