Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Behind the trees
is a sunset that bleeds
all over the sea
all over your face
all over my fantasies
of you
in this room
detached from everything
but me

but my darkness
and the solitude I crave
and the things I cannot say

and all the things you've heard before

But then your face;
my heart just skipped a beat
and two
and three
sometimes I'm not sure I even


Monday, October 19, 2015


Like the rain amidst the spring,
a martyr and all he promises to bring
is just a beggar dressed as king,
a key chain with a broken ring,
a wish the Erinyes sing;

No peace
Not in heaven
Not in hell
No limbo to lay still

Hunt the witch
kill the hound
burn your whole house to the ground 
Deterioration - determination
A different pawn in my possession

Don't worry;
the devil is not here tonight.