Saturday, November 26, 2016


These are the days
when I will find
little notes and memories
in old handbags
and forgotten jeans
I would burn the pictures
but I'm not like that
I have locked away everything
I never used to hide my past
but then again
it never used to hurt so much
the bitterness of failure
between my teeth
and the what ifs
at the tip of my tongue

they are enough for now.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Clean floor

I had a friend
a friend with a fridge
and a washing machine

he wasn't happy with the hair 
the hair on the floor
unless it was hers

he had a friend
the one with the hair
the hair all over the floor

I had a friend
he had no cats
he had a chalkboard
to write
so he wouldn't get lost

He had a friend 
the one with the hair
who couldn't see
what he wrote

I had a friend
he started writing on walls
but his friend 
the one with the cats
she fell to the ground
she looked for the chalk
but the friend
the friend with the fridge
he wanted her hair 
on the floor
and not the chalk anymore

I had a friend
the one with the fridge
the one with the chalk
the chalk that he lost
along with the girl
the girl with the hair
and the cats

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Little pieces of a bigger picture

I can't quite remember
the day I refused the magic
from my life
I want to give you my all
but I am scattered
and I wish to remain this way

But how could you know
After all you've never been saved

Sometimes I think that
I can be the one to save you
but then

what would that make me?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Don't sleep on it

There are these rare occasions where one wakes up after they die. In the hospital or a coffin, or wherever. This can be quite problematic because the longer they stay dead, the more deficits they are likely to have when they wake up.
Because the body can't stay inactive for long without it being damaging.

The same happens with emotional death.
You are not aware of what you are losing in the process,
just like when you are literally dead, it's like an everlasting slumber.
but maybe one day someone wakes you up from this slumber
a slumber you enjoyed
a slumber you didn't necessarily wanted to wake up from
and then it all shows
what you have been doing to yourself for so long
when you thought that you could "snap out of it" when the time was right
just like any other addiction
it crawled its way through
there comes a time where you want to move forward
but you can't anymore.

I fear this moment

more than my eternal slumber.