Sunday, December 25, 2016

Memories of an old phone

Spring of 2014

I think I can no longer use "we".
I curled up like a questionmark around you. I wanted to know.
I think I can no longer know what you are feeling.
I haven't heard your phone ring in months.
The ice cream sits unusually long in the freezer.
I don't see your shampoo anymore.
I froze time.
I think you left yesterday night.
But no, it wasn't yesterday night.
I think this is over.
I think you left.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The coldest red

Things end and it is as if they never existed
The metronome counts
all the time that we lost

Un-safe, un-calm, un-collected
A goodbye that drowned
in the space between us.

Un-safe, un-calm, un-collected
The magic moves further away

Un-safe, un-calm, un-collected
I am chasing
what I thought was it

For all the wishes that came true

what did you have to sacrifice?

a million fragments of my soul
my happiness
my sadness 
my all
I tried to fit it all in you
but you bled to death

And I left

After all,
the only feelings I have are the ones I stole
from you,

and the movies.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Ever so lonely
ever so lost...

Such is life
that the waves
steal your floating body
and drown you
or crush you against a rock
I was a lucky one
I got washed out on a shore

ever so lonely
ever so lost

Such is life
that you learn to breathe
on your own
though you don't want to
you want to belong
you want to 
and touch
and feel
through someone else's soul

ever so lonely 
ever so lost

it is truly exquisite
to be free
but also 

Such is life,
ever so lonely
ever so lost.

who will now mourn 
this long forsaken ghost?