Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The year of the radio: Billboard

The soil was soft
the flowers blossomed
the rain poured
it was spring in our hearts

we sang all night

"There's something above me,
a girl with one eye,
a stranger,
who's always 
in trouble
who touched my soul
ever so lightly"

It was our song;
it felt like forever
since the beginning
we had everything;
and that was all we ever wanted.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The year of the radio: The charts

There's not much left to do
other than dissolve into trivial concepts
what ifs;

Nowadays I sleep with the lights on
I experience this loss;
I loved you terribly
and selfishly
As did you.

Now I am left bitter
by the end of our sea
and I really didn't know
that an ocean could be so small.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It stops there

I love you, 
but I need to mourn
I need to mourn
a life that is not mine
I need to mourn
for I am blessed
but I cannot see;

the forests in my eyes
they are wild and growing
a huntsman lost himself in them
I have to find him
I have to get him out
You cannot help me
I love you 
but I need to mourn

but don't worry
I can make a promise

that one day

from that tallest tree
I will search beyond the sea
And I might find you
however far
you may be waiting
for me.

For now
I love you
but I need to mourn

Monday, January 2, 2017

The year of the radio: Rising numbers

It's time to hear the story
in all its long lost glory,

a good catch
a horrible mismatch;

It is a tale that's quite depressing
a union without a blessing

but you shouldn't have to worry
the memories are quite blurry;

Just a soul that sought the truth
another looking for itself to soothe.

It's the lies you tell yourself to sleep
that lead you to a love that's cheap,

much like the one in this old story
that is also almost gory.