Thursday, April 13, 2017

A time to be alive

There is nothing more honest
and raw
than young love
the way a mind desires
when it is
and unforgiving

there is no such thing
to hinder your scale
you only keep what you want
you do not weigh

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


So I grow cold again
Because no matter how warm I was
I could never melt into your arms
Except for the times we would die
Into each other
The way we wanted to

Why did you come back?
Were you afraid,
that I would forget?
Afraid that if my memory of you
fades away,
you would cease to exist?
Or were you certain?
Certain that I would have changed.
That I would no longer be the girl you fell in love with...
Certain because you have changed.

What you used to find mediocre is now your reality.

Or did you come back thinking you could claim your soul back?

Do you exist in this space alone now?
In the space we created with so much effort?

Could I still be here?