Wednesday, May 31, 2017


People form connections.
Little molecules of madness intertwine.
Atoms of restlessness and elements of pursuit collide
and find place in another person.

The soul will dance
with whomever it wants to dance.

People are eternal.
Moments are not fleeting,
they are not trivial,

I know what makes your heart sing
I wrote the song

and I prefer your winter
to anyone else's spring

Monday, May 15, 2017

Reality writhes

You are the love of a million lives
but all of them wither away
and I really wish
I knew
how to stay alive 

but I end up alone
in this space you made for us

I just wanted to dance with you

You promised to be there
but something happened

Now watch 
as I become heavy again
You have to be careful 
with people
and which of their flames you are trying to put out
because you might end up quenching them 
and lose the person
that used to be 

and I really wish I knew
how to stay